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Little Otters

Aquanatal to Baby, Toddler and Preschool Swimming Lessons

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Pregnancy exercise class

Aqua natal Yoga


Our Pregnancy exercise class or Aqua Natal Yoga for Mums-to-be is suitable
from first scan to Full term.
There are many BENEFITS from our Pregnancy classes of Aqua Natal Yoga, it is a very special bonding time for you and your unborn child, without the distractions of visitors, telephones and thoughts of everyday life. These 45 minute classes are designed to help you to relax, stretch, breathe, meet other mums-to- be and switch off from the outside world.
The benefits to you are:-

Allowing you to do low impact exercise.

Improve blood flow

Strengthens muscles and straightens spine

Maintains flexibilty in the spine and joints.

Gives you time to bond with your unborn child

Releases tension, heart burn and aching joints.

Making new friends and sharing experiences.

Doing all this promotes positive feelings, while having fun.
Our Pregnancy exercise classes have been especially designed around the different stages of your pregnancy and we help you to develop skills to have a more positive birth.


Congratulations on being a New mum to be.


You can join us when you whenever you like but you may prefer to wait until after your first scan and continue until the day you have your newborn.

What to bring see Q&A

Paying for your sessions these will be asked for in blocks of 6 sessions please contact for prices and how it works.

If you are happy to join or would like to give it a try, Please use contact forms below!

If you have found our website and do not live in our area please look at there might be a course near you or look at the 


Newlands Spring school Pool - Chelmsford

Click the map to open an interactive map in a new window. 

 Entrance to the pool is next to the Zebra Crossing 

post code is CM1 4UL 


Tuesday night 8pm

Thursday 8pm


 Please use contact form or see website



Castledon school pool - Wickford


Castledon School
Bromfords Drive

SS12 0PW


Wednesday Nights at 6.45pm and 7.30pm                                                                            


Please use contact form below or see website




Past Mums to be comments - Pregnancy exercise class (aquanatal)

"I would like you say thank you to you for the classes they were amazing and really helped me through my pregnancy and initial stages of labour."! Hannah Bannister 

The breathing techniques kept me very controlled & focused, so thanks Jan- the classes were a big help! Becky Hopkins 


I joined the aquanatal class with a couple of friends when I was 13 weeks pregnant and found it to be a really valuable source of exercise, support and advice throughout my pregnancy. In particular the breathing and pelvic floor exercises I was grateful for during labour and beyond, but being new to Chelmsford it was also a really good way to get to know people and means I often now bump into people when out and about. My particular favourite from the class was the relaxation session at the end, as I found it really helped to relieve my sore back during the later stages of pregnancy - thanks Jan!
Anna Provan 


"Thank you very much. And can I just say how much I enjoyed the Aquanatal sessions with both of you over the last few months. I felt that it really allowed me to bond with this pregnancy and baby in a way that I wasn't expecting:)" Neva 


" Thank you your classes really helps me by focusing mind on relaxing things and definately the breathing that we learnt, bit sore, but both doing fine, he's perfect and I am loving being a mum, see you soon" Lee 


"Hi Jan, I was induced on Tuesday at 10am and lucia jennifer was born at 8.50pm, natural birth no pain relief, can't believe it myself really. Basically I would have had the lot however they didn't have enough beds on labour ward and they left me on Mary munion to give birth practically!!! Anyway my midwife that delivered her was amazing and helped me through the lot. Without your breathing techniques I wouldn't have done it, so thank you so much. Now I am looking forward to seeing you again at little otters!!! Wish all the rest of the ladies my very best wishes for me and I will give you a call regarding winter swimming with you. Hope you and your family are well xxxx hayley xxx"