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Little Otters

Aquanatal to Baby, Toddler and Preschool Swimming Lessons

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Welcome to our 2013 News Letter

We hope that you have all had a long awaited warm and happy summer! Fingers crossed for an Indian Summer. Thank you all so much for your continued custom.


We will be taking part in the Essex Air Ambulance Go Yellow week, on 23rd -27th September 2012. The idea is to wear yellow, but we accept that this can be hard in the pool. We will have a collection box on poolside for those that wish to donate and perhaps try to find some yellow themed games and songs.

Well done to all of those who took part in the badge lessons and achieved their Starfish or Stanley badges. It was a busy time, and thanks to Jan for taking the time to write all of those certificates.



This time of year is a very sad time for us, as our oldest swimmers graduate to after school swim clubs as they start at big school. We will miss each and every one of them, and wish them all the very best in their new schools. Keep us updated we do love to hear how you are getting on.

This year is especially hard as we bid farewell to some of our original little swimmers, whose parents put their faith in us way back as we set up our tiny little swim school. We are so proud of their achievements and have to say a very special thank you to them for teaching us too.

Thank you for all the beautiful and generous gifts, it is very kind of you all. The best gift for us is seeing you all really relaxed, happy and enjoying yourselves with your parents, so much in the final fun session before you move on to your new swimming adventures.

Much love to you all.




All payments – Prompt payment by all members would be appreciated to ensure that you keep your space. Please remember direct transfers can take up to 5 working days unless you have fastpay. Cheques take 3 working days to clear and at least 2 days to get through the postal system. Cash - please bring the correct amount in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class day and time.


NappiesRemember, we always have Splash About Nappies in stock for £8 each so, if your little one is not so little and needs the next size, please do ask us. We do insist on using Splash About nappies until your little ones are potty trained to ensure no little leaks and therefore pool closures. Pool Closures effect others not just our school as the pool needs to be cleaned for 24 hours.



Leaving or returning to work - Please let us know your intentions. We totally understand the need to leave for various reasons, and are very approachable on this matter, we would rather know. We also never like to give someone’s space away before we have had them confirm to us themselves that they no longer require it. This does impact on us, when we have people not returning for a new term, we assume that everyone wishes to continue each term, unless we are otherwise informed.


Expecting your own new arrival? – If you are expecting again, please let us know as soon as you are happy to discuss it with us, (we will treat this as confidential).  We also have a maternity swim offer, so if you e mail us a due date, (once you are happy for the pregnancy to be known), we will ensure that you are sent the maternity letter prior to the term that your baby is due in. Please be aware that the little ones usually do pick up on pregnancy, even in the very early stages. This can have a massive impact on their normal behaviour. What they are able to pick up on we are not 100% sure, but if you are expecting and your little one suddenly starts to behave differently at the lessons, this may well be why. It is usually most obvious in the early stages and the latter stages of the new pregnancy. Please do talk to us as we can help.


Learning curves and confidence - Sudden changes in confidence - All of our little ones are very complex and whilst they are achieving independence and developmental milestones in their day to day lives, they know very well that in the water their independence is restricted. Usually the most independent child, may show the most extreme reactions. Any changes to daily routines, or a new pregnancy as above, can also have a massive impact on their usual swimming. Please, please, please stick with it, it is usually only a phase and they do come through it. Do not worry about others around you, we will probably all go through it with our little ones at some point, at varying degrees. It is quite normal.


Autumn swimming tips –when swimming with your little ones on holiday or for a fun family swim, please let them have fun and enjoy themselves, but please do not forget that they are still reliant on you, and they still need to remember to wait for you to tell them it is safe to come into the water. The extra swims are great for building confidence, and reinforcing the FUN element of swimming.

Remember the golden rules for younger babies : Temp, time and tolerance

  • ·       The temperature of the water should be at least 31 degrees

  • ·       The time should be restricted to 30 minutes

  • ·       The tolerance for submersion is 2 per half hour session for most babies under 12 months old, once over 12 months any more than 2 should be their choice and initiated by them. Don’t let them overdo it.

If you are using a paddling pool, please take into account that a wobbly toddler can easily slip, and this can be a real confidence knock when in the water again.


Changing rooms – Whilst we check the changing rooms before and after our classes, we are unable to keep an eye on them during the time we are in the pool. If there is a problem, please let us know.


There is a specific nappy bin in the changing rooms at Castledon, sadly at Newlands there is no facility for disposal of nappies, so please do remember to take yours with you.


Many thanks to you all for your continued custom. We really do have the best job in the world and love seeing you all each week and watching you all grow