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Little Otters

Aquanatal to Baby, Toddler and Preschool Swimming Lessons

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Working as part of the Birthlight team.
Little Otters is a Week day Swimming Group that teaches both children from 10 weeks old to pre-school age water confidence skills and Mums to be Aquanatal Yoga using Birthlight and STA methods in the water. We encourage fun and togetherness in the water building on trust and friendship.

In the water, qualified teachers who work along side  Michelle McGeorge and Jan Phelps who take pride in knowing their customers in person.

Michelle and Jan, started their training in October 2007 and where fully qualified in April 2008. We have been successfully teaching our little swimmers to be confident in water for 9 Years, and some, who have been with us from the start, are getting strong enough to swim independently we have this summer 2010 achieved our first 5 meters and 10 meters badges to our confident swimmers. In 2011, One little swimmer who was four achieved her 15m badge at our longest pool in Wickford and in the summer of 2012 the same swimmer reach her 20m badge and we wish her good luck as she starts school this September, the little swimmer has been swimming with us since we opened. In the year 2013 we handed out 8, 25m confidence distance badges. This year 2014 we handed out our first Stanley 4 water confidence badges that covered a lot of water skills, in total we handed out 20 our number of passes have grown over the passed few years.
  • Michelle McGeorge   is a mother of 3, who used the Birthlight teaching method for her own Children. Michelle also used the Birthlight Aquanatal yoga programme for her first through to her second pregnancy and has taught and enjoyed the programme while carrying her second. 
  • Jan Phelps is a mother of 2, the eldest who is 14 went through the STA program and her 9 year old went through the Birthlight program, both Children are great fans of the water. Jan also used the Birthlight Aquanatal yoga program for both her pregnancies and discovered the swimming classes after her second child was born, she achieved her 5m badge by the age of 3 and has since got her 10 meters front and 15 back by the age of 4, 25m on back  and front at the age of 5, Zara has now achieved her 200m distance badge at the age of 7 with Tina Franklin swim school for after school lessons if contacting Tina please mention you got your details from Little Otters website her email is







Our Qualifications:-

STA level 2 certificate in Aquatic teaching for Baby and Pre-school STA.
National Rescue Award in Infant Life Support.
Birthlight Diploma in Infant Aquatics.
Associate Members of the Swimming Teachers Association.
Birthlight Aqua yoga diploma (includes Prenatal and Postnatal) passed with Distinction. (Jan and Michelle)
Level 1 - in Pool and Plantroom Health & Safety and Chemical Handling as we believe in understanding the Health and Safety of the pools we work in. (Jan and Michelle)