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Benefits of swimming

Swimming can offer a good grounding in water safety skills, confidence, self esteem and saves lives for both parents and babies to use whilst swimming. We teach at each babies individual pace by using the five senses of taste, hearing, sight, touch and smell as well as their early reflex actions. Early swimming provides a unique opportunity for parent and baby to bond in the water. This can be achieved in the first few months of being in the water, we help parent and babt to have fun safely, while giving them new ideas to feel comfortable and safe in the water together and inspire new skills and confidence. Your babies swimming skills can then develop and progress as they grow from baby to toddler to child. 


Benefits include:

  • Strengthening the body and stimulating the senses.
  • Learning to balance and control movement.
  • Learning to harmonise in the water.
  • Helps progress from reflex movements into voluntary movements.
  • Develop communication and trust between parent and child.
  • Giving each baby a chance to express themselves.
  • Helps to develop social skills.
  • Builds on childs self esteem.
  • Teaches breath control, submersion and floating in the water.
  • Teaches potentially life saving skills.
  • Baby swimming offers a unique Bonding experience.
  • Gives baby the ability to stretch and move their bodies in ways that are impossible to them on dry land.
  • Confidence building.
  • Social skills, being with other babies.
  • Sensory - Each class will stimulate all of the babies senses.
  • Studies which suggest that baby swimmers may benefit neurologically.
  • Giving you the confidence to take your baby swimming whilst on holiday of for family fun.
  • Teaches babies to be patient, wait and how to safely enter a pool.


Submersion Why?

  • Babies who are used to and happy to be underwater, will be more confident to take those first unaided strokes sooner.
  • Holding their breath is second nature and can be extended through gradual and caring practice.
  • By having submersions as a normal part of water fun, it is not a big deal to them.
  • Enables them to remain calm, even if they were to ever accidentally submerge.


Submersion How?

  • Babies have several newborn reflexes that protect them under water.
  • With help of natural instincts.
  • Being calm and gentle in the water.
  • Having fun with it.
  • Making it a normal part of swimming, not a big event.
  • Using Birthlight techniques, ensuring a holistic and natural approach.


Water time together is very important to us, please click the link to find out why.

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