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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age can my baby start?

A: We take babies from 10 to 12 weeks of age, depending if the individual baby. Most mums are happy to start then as they are not constantly drinking the water also most mums are happy to start after their first set of injections which is usually around this time, but if you are unsure please consult your health visitor or GP.


Q: Why do I still have to be in the water when my child turns 3 years of age?

A: See Water time together for full explainations.


Q: When can I start Aqua Natal Yoga?

A: You are welcome to join us once you have had your first scan which is around 13 weeks into your pregnancy. From experience most mums-to-be prefer to start around 16 weeks as they like to have a little bump to show in the water.


Q: How much does the Baby swimming, Aqua Natal Yoga cost?

A: Please email us for these details, as prices vary on the pool that you wish to join.


Q: What do I need to bring to baby swimming?

A: You need to pack, a towel for yourself and baby, bring your own shower gel for afterwards, your swim costume and dress in simple clothes (Baby grow is very practical) until you get used to the routine and when approaching winter a hat for both of you. We provide the changing mats and if you need a swimming nappy you can purchase from us at pool side.


Q: What do I need to bring to Aqua Natal Yoga Swimming?

A: Your costume, towel or two (One for your hair), shower gel, bathrobe and an outdoor hat in the Winter, in Summer exchange that hat for a bottle of water.


Q: Where can I park my car?

A: Castledon school - Bromfords Drive - but please park sensibly as we do nt want to upset the neighbours.

    Newlands Spring - Nickleby Road - but please park sensibly as we do not want to upset the neighbours.


Q: Where can I put my valuables?

A: There are no lockers at either pools as they bolong to schools.


Q: What do I do if I can not make a class or going on holiday?

A: Please text us a short message or email us so we know that you are alright, please inform us in advance that you re away or not able to make a class, this is so we can start the classes on time any missed classes are non refundable or transferable.


Q: What do I do if I am returning to work or my circumstances change?

A: Please talk to us, we do understand, we might be able to help with a different day. Always Ask!



Q: How can I pay for my classes?

A: When we send the forms out for the next course by email, but if you do not have email then we will post it to you, it informs you of our Direct transfer details or cash, correct change as we carry little around with us. 

After the payment date on your payment email has passed and no communication from yourself via email or letter, your space will be released. 


Q: What happens in bad weather?

A: If we have to close we will text you first as this is the quickest way for us to get round everyone, so please make sure your mobile number that we have is up to date.

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