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Dedicated to Teaching in a Holistic way! 

About Little Otters

In the water, qualified teachers work along side Michelle McGeorge and Jan Phelps who take pride in knowing their customers in person.


Michelle and Jan, started their training in October 2007 and were fully qualified in April 2008. We have been successfully teaching our little swimmers for the last 15 years, and some, who have been with us from the start, are getting strong enough to swim independantly.

About Michelle and Jan

  • Michelle McGeorge is  a mother of 3, who used the Birthlight teaching method for her own children. Michelle also used the Birthlight Aquanatal yoga programme for her first through to her second and has taught and enjoyed the programme while carrying the second.


  • Jan Phelps is a mother of 2, the eldest who is 19 went through the STA program and her 13 year old went through the Birthlight programme and the ASA programme, both children are great fans of the water. Jan also used the Birthlight Aquanatal yoga programme for both her pregnancies and discovered the swimming classes after her second was born.

Our qualifications

  • STA level 2 certificate in Aquatic teaching for Baby and Pre-school STA.

  • National Resuce Award in infant Life Support.

  • Birthlight Diploma in Infant Aquatics.

  • Associate Members of the Swimming Teachers Association.

  • CRB.

  • Birthlight Aqua yoga diploma (Includes Prenatal and Postnatal) passed with Distinction. (Jan and Michelle)

  • Level 1 & 2 - in  STA Pool water Treatment, Plantroom basics,  Health & Safety in Chemical Handling as we believe in understanding the Health & Safety of the pools that we work in. (Jan and Michelle) valid for 5 years 

  • Completed a course in Aqua Sensory of Emotions in Water.

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