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There are many benefits from our pregnancy classes of Aqua Natal Yoga, it is a very special bonding time for you and your unborn child, without the distractions of visitors, telephones and thoughts of everyday life. These 45 minute classes are designed to help you to relax, stretch, breathe, meet other mums-to-be and switch off from the outside world.


Benefits include:

  • Allowing you to do low impact exercise

  • Improve blood flow

  • Strengthens muscles and straightens spine

  • Maintains flexibility in the spine and joints

  • Gives you time to bond with your unborn child

  • Releases tension, heart burn and aching joints

  • Making new friends and sharing experiences

  • Doing all this promotes positive feelings while having fun


Our Pregnancy exercise classes have been especially designed around the different stages of your pregnancy and we help you to develop skills to have a more positive birth.


Wickford classes contact - (Monday nights)

Chelmsford classes contact - (Tuesday and Thursday Nights both night at 8pm, enabling second, third or fourth time mums to come knowing sibling is settled or in bed with partner around)

Jan in Chelmsford runs Postnatal classes (mums time no children around) design to restore your core, build up your pelvic floors and learn to relax in world of busy mums, knowing that you baby is in safe hands of Partner at home bonding together. These classes are on a Monday night at 8pm

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